Workstation Bridge Crane

Workstation bridge crane in Ellsen guarantees to enhance productivity and safety. As a kind of light and small lifting machinery equipment, workstation cranes or freestanding bridge crane have its own advantages and widely applied to the small workshops, workstations, garages, etc.

Equipped with high-strength closed track, Ellsen workstation crane is available to achieve double-directional movement, and its standing on the ground allows to be of easy-installation, disassembly, repair, etc.

Ellsen small workstation bridge crane
Workstation Bridge Crane

Workstation Bridge Cranes Parameters:
  • Loading Capacity: 0.5~3t
  • Span Length: 3~12m
  • Lifting Height: 3~6m
  • Working Class: A3

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Details about Ellsen Workstation Bridge Crane

  • With a breakthrough&innovation of technology, Ellsen takes high-strength bolts to connect the bridges and structures, which improve the safety and extend the service lifetime of the equipment compared with welded-way.
  • Due to its light weight, the freestanding workstation bridge crane is easy to install, repair and relocate.
  • Manual and electric operation mode can be selected, work station cranes are of high-safety and low headroom.
  • Reasonable structure and rigid runways, precise positioning and easy operation.

Above all, as a professional bridge crane manufacturer, Ellsen Group would be able to give best solutions and replies of workstation cranes or ceiling cranes, please let us know your requirement, and we are willing to provide one-stop services to you.

If you have any interest or need of our product, just feel free to send inquiry to us!

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