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Aimix is specialized in providing different tons of bridge cranes solutions to customers for decades, and nowadays, we have already ranked into top in the same industry and areas around the world.

Owing to professional team, our group is available to offer bridge cranes between 0.5~200t. You can contact us if you met any questions or demands, we promise to offer a free quote with the most professional bridge crane solutions to you.

1 Ton Bridge Crane

1 ton bridge crane is often used with AQ-CD1 or AQ-MD1 electric hoist, as a kind of light and small ...
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2 Ton Bridge Crane

2 ton bridge crane is widely applied for machinery manufacturing in the factories, warehouses, good yards, etc. And it has ...
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AQ-HD Single Girder Bridge Crane

3 Ton Bridge Crane

3 ton bridge crane is designed and produced with rational structure and good usability. As a light lifting equipment, 3 ...
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Single Girder Overhead Crane 5 Ton

5 Ton Bridge Crane

5 ton bridge crane or other tonnages of bridge cranes can be produced with customizing requirement to satisfy your benefits ...
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AQ-NLH Double Girder Bridge Crane For Sale

10 Ton Bridge Crane

10 ton bridge crane is made up of bridge frame, electric control system, electric hoist, and crane & trolley travelling ...
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15 Ton Bridge Crane

15 ton bridge crane is a kind of lifting equipment that often found in construction site or production line, bridge ...
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AQ-LD 20 Ton Bridge Crane For Sale

20 Ton Bridge Crane

We provide 20 ton bridge crane with single girder and double girder type, and customized bridge crane with special utility, ...
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Electric Hoist Overhead Crane For Sale

25 Ton Bridge Crane

25 ton bridge crane travels along the rails which lays on both sides of plant. It is a kind of ...
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30 ton double girder bridge cranes

30 Ton Bridge Crane

30 ton bridge crane is of high performance advantages, with its large handling capacity, 30 ton bridge cranes are in ...
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Explosion Proof Double Girder Bridge Crane

50 Ton Bridge Crane

50 ton bridge crane is a kind of lifting machinery that widely applied in different working places in modern construction ...
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E.O.T Double Girder Top Running Crane For Sale

100 Ton Bridge Crane

100 ton bridge crane is a kind of handling machinery equipment with heavy duty features. As we can often see ...
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