Bridge Crane Specifications

This is an article describes bridge crane specifications in details.

A Brief Introduction of Bridge Crane

Bridge crane is a kind of lifting equipment which is widely applied in factories, warehouses, material yards, etc. For high-performance and safety factors, bridge crane has been called as the widest range&largest number of hoisting machinery.

Bridge crane consists of hoisting machine, bridge frame, trolley&crane travelling equipment and electric control system, all these components works together to get the bridge crane run.

Ellsen bridge crane specification
bridge crane specifications

Bridge Crane Parts or Components

1. Hoisting Mechanism

Hoisting mechanism lift goods and materials to vertical movement, which improves the efficiency of the bridge crane, and it is mainly made up of driving&loading devices, wire rope coiling system and safety protection equipment. All these components are designed with first-class quality and high configuration.

2. Bridge Crane Frame

The bridge crane frame is made up of main beam and end beam, which takes Q235B or Q345B materials. And there are high-strength bolts connecting to enhance rigidity and durability of the whole set. Refer to connecting factors, bridge crane is of good appearance and ease-of maintenance.

Bridge Crane Beam
Bridge Crane Beam

3. Trolley&Crane Travelling Equipment

Trolley&crane traveling equipment is composed of motor, speed reducer and groups of wheels, etc.
a. Three-phase asynchronous motor is of stable braking, high positioning accuracy, and strong adaptive ability factors.
b. YEJ series brake works when brake motor supply the power.
c. Advanced technology in speed reducer, which performs low-noise, high capacity, stability&durability.
d. Groups of wheels: high intensity, good toughness&hardenability, strong ability against fatigue and shock.

Bridge Crane Trolley for sale.
Bridge Crane Trolley

4. Electric Control System

a. Three phase alternating current. 380V nominal voltage, nominal frequency of 50Hz, these can be customized by clients’ requirement.
b. Power supply choice.
Safety&seamless slide line or soft cable supply the power.
c. Electric control equipment takes direct way. The motor is controlled by contactor, and is available to achieve single&double speed, positive&negative run.
d. Manipulation: operating by remote control or in cab.

Electric Control System
Bridge Crane Electric Control System


1. The installation&debugging project carries out under the agreement signed by both sides.
2. The installation&debugging is required to run in compliance with related regulations.
3. Test run and operation after completing the installation, rectify and improve the machinery until it reached the national standardization.

Bridge Crane Girder
Bridge Crane Girder

Bridge Crane Inspection and Maintenance

Routinely maintenance not only can extend the service lifetime, but also ensure the operator’s safety. So the operators should inspect the bridge crane regularly to improve cranes safety.

In Conclusion

This is just a brief view of bridge crane specifications, we sincerely welcome all the friends around the world to cooperate with us.

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