3 Ton Bridge Crane

3 ton bridge crane is designed and produced with rational structure and good usability. As a light lifting equipment, 3 ton crane bridge is often found in industrial environments such as production line and factories. Just like electric overhead crane such as 5 ton bridge crane, it is electrically operated by a control pedant or operator in cab, which performs high safety, intelligent and modern advanced technology.

As the leader brand of bridge crane in China, Ellsen bridge cranes supplier dedicates to establish a distribution network around the world, there is no doubt that all our products has been passed ISO9001 quality systems, you can rest assured with 100 percent once purchased our 3 ton bridge cranes or other products and cooperated with us.

Ellsen single girder overhead crane of 3 tonnage for sale
LH 3 Ton Single Girder Bridge Crane

LD single girder 3 ton bridge crane parameters:
  • Lifting Capacity: 0.5t~20t
  • Span Length: 7.5~31.5m
  • Working Class: A3~A4
  • Operating Temperature: -20℃~40℃

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3 Ton Single Girder Bridge Crane
3 Ton HD Single Girder Bridge Crane

HD girder 3 ton bridge cranes parameters:
  • Lifting Capacity: 3~16t
  • Span Length: 7.5~28.5m
  • Lifting Height: 6~18m
  • Lifting Speed: 0.66/4~1.6/10m/min
  • Crane Travelling Speed: 2~20m/min
  • Working Class: A5

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Ellsen 3 ton underhung bridge crane for sale
3 Ton Underhung Bridge Crane

3 ton underhung bridge crane parameters:
  • Lifting Capacity: 0.5~10t
  • Span Length: 3~16m
  • Lifting Height: 6~18m
  • Lifting Speed: 7~8m/min or 0.7/7-8/0.8m/min
  • Crane Travelling Speed: 20~30m/min
  • Working Class: A3~A4

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Ellsen 3 ton freestanding bridge crane for sale now.
3 Ton FreeStanding Bridge Crane

3 Ton free standing crane parameters:
  • Loading Capacity: 0.5~3t
  • Span Length: 3~12m
  • Lifting Height: 3~6m
  • Working Class: A3

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Primary Protection Systems of Ellsen 3 Ton Crane

  • Increasing limit protection of main&vice hooks.
  • Load lifting limiter to ban exceed weight.
  • Position limitation protection of crane and trolley travelling system.
  • Interlock protection of cab&walk’s door.
  • Over current protection, out-voltage protection, over speed protection control, phase failure&phase stagger protection of motor.
  • The disconnecting switches of general power.

Ellsen High-end&Advanced 3 Ton Bridge Crane Parts

  • Different crane components matches well.
  • Spiral bevel gear drive system in the primary speed reducer of heavy-duty loading capacity and high transmission rate. Differential bevel gear is of simple structure and flexible transmission.
  • Disk brake or block brake is of power braking and reliable performance.
  • Adopting Q235B or Q345B carbon constructional steel, and rust quality in main structure reaches Sa2 1/2 grade or St3 grade of national GB/T 8923 standardization.
  • 3 ton crane is allowed to install two sets of operation equipment for switching operation way.
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