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Bridge crane is in a wide range of applying in various of working occasions such as factories, warehouses, goods&material yards, rail ways, port, etc. It is a kind of handling machinery equipment which is of high efficiency and reasonable cost features.

Ellsen Machinery, as a professional bridge crane supplier, is devotes to manufacturing bridge cranes with utmost care, and every products has been passed strictly inspection before delivery, we make great efforts to attain durable and economical development by offering first class products and services,  Ellsen Co., invites all the friends globally cooperate with us for our bridge cranes.

Ellsen small workstation bridge crane

Workstation Bridge Crane

Workstation bridge crane in Ellsen guarantees to enhance productivity and safety. As a kind of light and small lifting machinery ...
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Underhung Bridge Crane

Underhung Bridge Crane

Underhung bridge crane is the innovation&breakthrough of Ellsen Machinery Equipment Co.,. With underhung cranes, you can greatly elevate your productivity ...
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Ellsen double girder top running crane for sale.

Top Running Bridge Crane

As its name implies, top running bridge crane refers to the cranes which main structures are on the top of ...
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Ellsen ceiling crane or freestanding crane

Ceiling Crane

With smart and compact structure, Ellsen ceiling crane is of reliable price and high-efficiency. Differ to overhead bridge cranes with ...
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